Add/Modify Data After Configuring Section & Uploading Data

The instructions below are for adding additional data points after configuring a section for base data loads and uploading data into the system

When you navigate to Administration > Setup > Upload Form, you can view the configuration of the last base data load made to the system. Here, you can modify that configuration by marking certain items listed as Not Shown to display, or adding items you want to display. :

Note: It is important that all required fields remain; this allows us to identify the existing record that any new data should be tied to.

1. Go to Administration > Setup > Upload Form

From the Upload Form page you can configure and confirm the file structure of your data in the system.

Go to Administration > Setup  and look for Upload Form under the Configuration section.

(This navigation is numbered in the image below).

2. Data to Upload: Select the type of data upload you want to perform

Under Section A, click Data to Upload. You will see a list of available upload types.

Note: If you have added activity classifications for courses taught or faculty classifications for faculty data, those should appear in this list as well.  

3. Check previous configuration and set order of Upload Fields

When you open the Setup page, you will see the configuration used for the last load. Here, you can set the order in which the Upload Fields will display (column 1, column 2, etc).

You can click Download Current Template to see a CSV sample of the output.

Note: Fields with an asterisk are required.


For more information on the fields available for each 'type' of load, click here to read more.

4. Set additional fields to display

Select a field marked Not Shown and select a number corresponding to which column will display the additional data point.

5. Create a new upload with the new configuration setup

7. Scroll down the page, and click "Upload Data" under the Bulk Data section of the Administration page

8. Select the upload type from the dropdown menu

In the Type dropdown, select the type of data being uploaded.

9. Set whether or not to "Update Existing Records"

When creating a new upload with your new configuration, select the options in the upload form to indicate whether or not to ignore or update existing records.

When adding new data points, you will need to select Yes when presented with the option to Update Existing Records.

Note: In this context "Update" means to update existing columns, plus add some new columns.

Yes means that based on the new configuration, the system will match required fields to existing the record and will load values to new data points that have been added and will update the data uploaded previously if those fields are still in the file.

No means that when the system encounters required fields, the program will determine if that record exists in the system, and if it does, the system will skip that record in the upload file and move to the next one. The system will not process any part of the record.

Caveat: If the previous configuration had a field marked to show, for example: "billing address" in the first load, and that field is removed for the second load, the system will NOT overwrite. The system will maintain the previously loaded field even though it is not in the current file.

If you want to delete one of the field values that was loaded previously: you will need to make sure that the field is in the configuration for the new upload, and will need to leave the field blank.