Tools: Clear Faculty Scholarly Duplicates

When importing scholarly works data from third parties, institutions now have the option to prevent duplicate data from being imported into FACULTY180. Depending on your institutions policies, the Dashboard To Do section will display a message for faculty if there is duplicate data to be addressed.

The Clear Faculty Duplicates screen displays a list of all the duplicate scholarly works data based on the selected citation format, including the imported and existing activity that the system has found to be a duplicate and the match percentage.

How the deduplication tool works

We compare the following fields:

  • type
  • dateinfo
  • journal
  • location
  • numberinfo
  • pages
  • publisher
  • title
  • volume
  • yearinfo
  • author

All fields have equal weight during the comparison.

Other Considerations

If all of the fields match 100% then we assume a duplicate and automatically flag as such.

If the total % match of all fields is > 87.5% and < 100% then we flag it is a possible duplicate.

If the total % match is < 87.5% then we flag it as a new item.

The comparison is case sensitive.

Additional white space is not removed.

If the matched record and imported record has empty values for one of the fields being compared, then that field is ignored in the calculations.


To access the Clear Faculty Duplicates screen, do the following:

  1. Under Administration on the navigation menu, click Administration.
  1. In the Tools section, click Clear Faculty Scholarly Duplicates. The Clear Faculty Duplicates screen displays, select a citation format, then Build Report. A list of duplicate data for the selected citation format will appear.
  2. If necessary, select the faculty members you wish to show duplicate data for by clicking Select Faculty.
Step 3 - Select Faculty and Build Record


4.    To view the duplicate activity in more detail, click the View icon. The Handle Duplicate Record dialog box opens. The following options are available for handling the duplicate record:

  • Import As New: adds the imported activity as a new activity
  • Replacing Existing: the newly imported activity will replace the existing activity
  • Discard Imported: the newly imported activity will be deleted
Step 4 - Handle Duplicate Record

Duplicate imported activities can also be managed without viewing the details using the Actions drop-down.


Click the applicable Dashboard message in the To Do section. The Clear Faculty Duplicates screen displays, showing a list of duplicate data for the selected citation format.