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About Merging Interfolio Accounts

It is possible to end up with multiple Interfolio accounts whether it is from working at an institution, applying to various positions, or being a letter writer. This tool has been designed to let users self-merge their multiple accounts.


Check out this article on how to Merge Interfolio Accounts for detailed steps on this process.


To retrieve passwords while merging accounts, reset the password on the Interfolio login page. Check out this article on how to Recover Your Password for further direction.


Certain accounts cannot be merged due to being tied to an institutional account (Dossier Admin and Standard Receiver). If any concerns arise, please reach out to to speak to a representative.


What is Kept and Lost During an Account Merge

Action Details
Data Kept from Primary Account (where merge was initiated)
  • Name
  • Profile Information (pos, org, title, etc.)
  • Notification Email (Note: All account email addresses are merged into one account)
  • Address
  • Education Info
  • Communication Preferences
  • Affiliations
  • Id Numbers
Most Important Data Kept from Primary or Secondary Account

Interfolio will keep the most important data from a Primary or Secondary account during the merge process. For example, if the primary account has a blank address field while the secondary account has an address filled in, Interfolio will update the address on the primary account to match the address on the secondary account when the accounts are merged.  

  • Selected Dossier Plan (if relevant)
  • Credit Card
  • Data Merged Together from both Accounts
Data Kept From Account (All Products)
  • Email Addresses

    Note that the Interfolio notification email will be the primary email.

  • All Interfolio Services
  • Dossier Plan and Expiration
  • Faculty180 Account Associations
  • Portfolio (for legacy users)
  • SSO Records
  • Google SSO Credentials
  • Transactions\Receipts and Purchase Records
  • Account Balance\Credit
Data Kept From Dossier
  • Documents
  • Writer Documents
  • Document Tags
  • Collections
  • Deliveries
  • Account Login Record
  • Saved Guidelines
  • Shares
  • Received Document Shares
  • Document Comments
  • Document Comment Replies
  • Position Applications
Data kept from Account API Info For Faculty Search / Review, Promotion, & Tenure
  • Accounts
  • Institutions Users
  • Permissions
  • Saved Searches
  • Title Associations
Data Kept From Faculty Search
  • Search Applications
  • Annotations
  • Ratings/Rating Averages
  • Tagging
  • Tags
  • Comments
  • Committee Members
  • Custom Zip Files
  • EEO Flags
  • Message Templates
  • Position Creator
  • “Read Records”
  • Saved Position Searches
  • Recusals
Data Kept From Review, Promotion & Tenure
  • Tenure Packets
  • Administrator Recusals
  • Annotations
  • Access Audit
  • Comments
  • Committee Members
  • Combined Files (pdf/zip)
  • Packet Attachments
  • Read Documents
  • Share Recipients
  • Shares (sender)
  • Taggings
  • Temporary Committee Members
Data kept From Faculty Activity Reporting (FAR)
  • If only one account has FAR, all of the FAR permissions and information will be maintained on the kept account
  • If both accounts have FAR:
    • A engineering ticket is auto-created at end of merge process, and the our team will investigate the best course of action to merge the info.