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Create a Free Interfolio Dossier Account

When creating a new Dossier account, access is provided to a unique suite of features specifically designed to help simplify academic life, including requesting and sending confidential letters of recommendation when applying for jobs and other academic opportunities. Once finished requesting, collecting, and organizing academic documents and confidential letters, upgrade to Dossier Deliver to get started delivering Dossier materials to faculty jobs, post-docs, fellowships, and more. For an annual $48 subscription to Dossier Deliver, 50 deliveries are provided via electronic and mail options (Priority and Fedex not included). Any materials can be sent in Dossier, including confidential letters.


Check out this article on how to Upgrade to Dossier Deliver for more information.


Create an Interfolio Account

  1. Click Create An Account at the bottom of the Interfolio Sign In page.
  2. Fill out the account creation form, agree to the terms of service, and click Sign Up.
  3. Fill out profile, areas of focus, and the click Take me to My Dossier.
  4. Click Learn More to see information about upgrading to Dossier Deliver.