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Approve Faculty Input Process

Once the Faculty Input Process has been initiated, faculty members can start updating their activities. In addition, system administrators can monitor faculty input participation and start approving faculty activities.


If the activity input for a faculty member is approved at one level but rejected at the next level, the review process has to start over from the beginning. The faculty member will receive an e-mail notification regarding the rejection, along with instructions on what the faculty member needs to do (such as update their activities) to have their faculty input approved. A notification message will also display in the To Do section on the dashboard.


Please note that Activity Input Forms are not lockable. Therefore, faculty members can continue to update their Activities page with information throughout the approval process, resulting in a changed Activity Input Form. As a result, those who are approving the Activity Input Form may see different activities depending on when they are viewing the form. Activity Input Forms are only locked after they are fully approved. Locked forms can be seen within Prior Activity Input Forms under Reports on the navigation bar. 


Approve Activity Input Form

1. Navigate to Approve Faculty Input under Administration

Navigation: Administration > Administration > Approve Faculty Input

  1. Navigate to Administration under the Administration section of the navigation menu.
    Administration section with Administration highlighted
  2. Click Approve Faculty Input under the Activity Input section.
    Activity Input section with Approve Faculty Input underlined

2. Apply appropriate filters to report

  1. In the General section, specify the start date, end date, and the desired workflow form.
  2. In the Faculty section, select the faculty members to be included in the approval process.
  3. Click Refresh Report. A report will display showing the percentage of faculty members who have submitted and completed their activity input form.

3. View the approval process and email faculty members

  1. Click the View icon (eye) under the actions column to view the approval process. A list of all faculty members included in the selected approval process displays.
  2. Click the Email Faculty icon (envelope) to individually remind faculty members who have not completed their activity input form. Reminder messages can also be sent in bulk to faculty members in Communications. Check out our article on how to use the Communications screen.