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How Your Letter Writer Can Access and Verify Receipt of Materials

After an e-mail delivery has been sent by Interfolio, and received by the recipient, they can open and review the Interfolio Materials.

If your recipient has trouble opening an email attachment, or locating the email, please have them reach out to

This article describes what your letter writer can expect when they get an email, and how to access and verify receipt of any attached materials.

Your letter writer will receive an email like the one displayed in the image below.

In the email delivery, there will be an attachment, and a link to verify the receipt of the message/attachment.

All of the content that was entered by the requestor is displayed within the email, along with instructions for accessing attached materials

The files that were sent are attached to the email.

After downloading the file, the user should click the "Verify Receipt" button at the top of the message.

The attached file and coversheet will look like this: