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Send Dossier Materials Via Email

Users with an upgraded Dossier Deliver account can email materials, including confidential letters of recommendation, to institutions who accept email submissions of application materials. To ensure the integrity of this process when emailing confidential letters, our quality control agents will check to verify the email of the address provided, and requesters never have access to a confidential recommendation. An annual subscription costs $48 and pays for 50 electronic academic deliveries. It is also easy to use Deliver to send hard copies of application materials via USPS or FedEx.


Applying to Interfolio-hosted positions is free. Check out these articles on how to apply to a position hosted by Interfolio, how to Upload a Confidential Letter to an Online Application System, and How Your Letter Writer Can Access and Verify Receipt of Materials for more information.


Note that only one recipient can be sent out per delivery.


1. Navigate to Email under Deliveries

Navigation: Deliveries > New Delivery > Email

  1. Click Deliveries on the navigation menu.
    Deliveries selected on navigation menu
  2. Click New Delivery at the top of the Deliveries page.

    If the account is not upgraded to Dossier Deliver, a prompt will appear to upgrade account before proceeding with delivery. Only paid Dossier Deliver accounts can be used to deliver materials. Check out this article on how to Upgrade to Dossier Deliver for more information.

  3. Click Email to send an email delivery.
    Send Materials section with Email selected

2. Add Recipient Information and Materials

  1. Enter Recipient Information.
    • Be sure to enter the complete name of the recipient's institution or organization, and enter as much information as possible to ensure documents are delivered into the right hands.

      Note that only one recipient can be sent out per delivery.


      It is recommended to include the address of a web page in the Additional information website field with information about the position, program, grant, and other important information to which the materials are being sent. This is especially important when sending confidential materials, because Interfolio verifies the address provided here to ensure the security and integrity of the process. Check out this article on how to Verify Addresses When Sending Confidential Materials for more information.

  2. Click Continue when finished.
  3. Click Add Materials to add materials to delivery.

    Any materials added will be sent with the delivery, but will also be added to the Materials section of your Dossier, where they will be available to send to other destinations as well!

  4. Click the checkboxes on the Choose Existing tab to select the desired materials from your Dossier.
    • Select the Collections tab to add materials from other collections created.
    • Select the Add New File tab to upload a new file from the computer.
  5. Click Add when finished.

    Check out this article on how to Create Collections of Materials for more information.

  6. Click Continue when finished.

3. Review and Confirm delivery

  1. Review delivery to make sure the documents are in the desired order.
    • Click Edit to rearrange the order. by hovering over a document and dragging to reorder the list.
      Materials section with Edit selected
  1. Hover over the left side of the desired item to rearrange. Drag and drop the 9 dots to reorder the item in the list.
    Materials section with 9 dots selected
    • Click the “X” to delete an item on the materials list.
    • Click Review Delivery when finished.
  2. Click Submit Delivery when finished.

4. View Deliveries

The Sent Deliveries page will appear. Here, recipients of sent deliveries can be searched for and sorted by status and type. 

Note that deliveries can be cancelled from this screen.


Remember that the status and progress of unfinished deliveries can be viewed from the Deliveries page on the navigation menu.