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Send Dossier Materials by Paper Deliveries (USPS or FedEx)

With a Dossier Deliver subscription you can choose to have printed copies of the materials in your Dossier delivered to a street address or PO Box via United States Postal Service or Fedex*.

*Please note that Fedex does not deliver to PO Boxes.


Currently, you can choose between the many different delivery methods for printed materials, read more here.

Sending a Delivery

1. To send out a paper delivery, start by clicking "Deliveries" in the left hand navigation menu

2. Click "New Delivery" in the upper right corner of the screen

If you haven't yet upgraded to Dossier Deliver, you will be prompted to upgrade your account before proceeding with your delivery


Only paid Dossier Deliver accounts can be used to deliver materials. See here for more information on upgrading to Dossier Deliver.

3. Click "Mail" to send out printed materials and follow the steps below:

4. Enter the "Recipient information"

Be sure to enter the complete name of the recipient's institution/organization, your recipient's name, title, and department.

5. Enter the mailing address


You will be able to choose a delivery method and see estimated delivery times later in the process.

If you have a close deadline, overnight delivery is available in most cases!

6. Click "Add Materials"

If you have not yet added materials to your Dossier account, you will need to do that now.

If there are already files in your Dossier, you can select to include them -or- open the "Add New File" tab and drag & Drop or upload new files


Note that if you have created collections of materials, you can open the "Collections" tab and add materials from your saved collections as well. See here for more information on how to Create Collections of Your Materials.

7. After uploading a new file, select the type of material you are uploading, and click "Add"


If the correct material type does not appear as an option in the drop down menu, select "Other Document" from the drop down menu.

8. Select your delivery method

Check to make sure the recipient information is correct

9. Select the delivery method you would like to use and click "Continue"


International deliveries must choose US Postal Service Delivery.

Please Note: We do not offer express shipping for international deliveries.

10. Review and confirm the details of your delivery


Make sure this information is correct because once submitted, your delivery cannot be changed.

Click "Edit" if you need to make changes, as shown below.

11. Click "Preview" to download a PDF showing how your materials will appear to reviewers


Note that confidential letters will be excluded from the preview, but will be sent with the delivery.

12. Note the estimated delivery date

13. If you selected a paid delivery option, you will need to confirm the purchase, and check the box to acknowledge that your card will be charged

14. Click "Submit Delivery"


Deliveries submitted after 11:59 PM EST are postmarked the following day.

15. When your mail delivery is submitted, you will see a success message. Click "View sent deliveries" to see the status of your delivery

16. View "Sent Deliveries"

From the "Sent Deliveries" page, you can search for recipients of sent deliveries, and sort your deliveries by status and type. Note that you can cancel deliveries from this screen as well.

See here for more information on delivery statuses.

17. Remember, you can also keep track of the status and progress of unfinished deliveries from the "Deliveries" page

Look for the deliveries tab in the upper right navigation menu.