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Verify Addresses When Sending Confidential Materials

When providing Interfolio with an email address or mailing address where confidential materials will be sent to, responsible steps are taken by Interfolio to verify that those materials stay confidential from recipient when sent to that address. This is called Verifying an Address. Obviously, there is a limit to how certain Interfolio can be. Ultimately, we cannot control what the receiver does with the confidential materials, and it is not our place to do so. What we can do is take responsible steps to indicate the confidentiality of your materials and exercise discretion when sending them out.


Verify Address

Select the tabs below to view more information on different ways to help Interfolio verify the address provided.

Answer questions

To verify an address for delivery of confidential materials, we must answer four questions:

  1. Is it an address to which you have access?
    • We may need documentation. For example, if it’s an email address or Post Office box, we may need to see some external documentation, such as a website or email correspondence (either forwarded or as screenshots), showing that that email address or PO box is affiliated with an institution or organization.
  2. Does the individual or organization on the receiving end plan to keep those materials confidential from you?
    • If we can verify that the address is the publicly designated email or mailing address for a documented institution or organization (e.g., then we can generally send the documents.
  3. Is it an address that you are sending to yourself or a relative?
    • If so, you can't send confidential letters to yourself or addresses that can't be verified.
  4. Is the institution/business an apartment or home address that you are sending to?
    • If so, we will need proof of documentation, a job advertisement, or email correspondence to prove that you are sending confidential letters to an official address.

Provide Website

When creating an email delivery, a website can be provided for verification. The website should show the destination address and link it with the destination institution or organization. If that webpage is provided and Interfolio approves it, the delivery will be sent out. If the address entered from the webpage cannot be verified, Interfolio will then search the web. If a webpage is found that clearly indicates that confidential materials may be sent to the destination address, then the delivery will be sent out.

Webpage not verified

If a web page that enables Interfolio to verify the address is not found, then we will get back to you and ask for one of the following:

  • A web page affiliated with the institution that displays the destination address
  • Email correspondence (directly forwarded or as a complete screenshot) that clearly indicates that confidential letters of recommendation may be sent to this email address
  • Some contact information for the receiver, which we will use to verify the destination address

Successful Verification

If the address is successfully verified using one of these methods, then your materials will be sent. You’ll receive an email notification when we have sent your delivery off.

In some situations, the receiver might provide us with a different or corrected address, instead of the exact address you entered. We will always check with you before we make a change to the destination address.