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Upload Documents to Satisfy the Committee Document Requirements

If an Administrator has set document requirements for a case review step, the manager of the committee at that step, or individual reviewer, must upload those documents before the case can be moved forward to the next step in the workflow.

If a case review step has multiple committees with document requirements, all required documents for all committees must be satisfied in order for the case to move forward.

This article explains how to satisfy committee document requirements.

Click the candidate's name to open the case with required documents

To satisfy a committee document requirement:


A committee document requirement can only be satisfied by the manager of the committee

1. Open the "Case Details" tab and click "Add" under "Required Documents"

2. Browse to upload a new file:

3. Select the section of the packet in which to add the document (for example; "Committee Documents," or "Candidate Documents," etc.)

You also have the option of satisfying the committee document requirement with a file already uploaded to the case

Open the "Select file from case" tab, select the document, and click "Add"

Once uploaded, the document requirement will be labeled "Complete"


After you attach a document to fulfill a committee requirement, you can detach it from that requirement but it stays attached to the packet as an ordinary committee document, in the section where you attached it. Then, of course, if you really want to remove it from the packet altogether, you can do so as you normally would with a committee document