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Close a Position and Select Applicant(s)


Please note that positions can only be deleted if there are no applications tied to them.


Check out this article on how to Reopen a Closed Position for more information.


Close a Position

1. Navigate to Close Position under Positions

Navigation: Positions > Name > Position Actions > Close Position

  1. Click Positions under Faculty Search on the navigation bar.
    Positions selected under Faculty Search
  2. Click the Name of the desired position to edit.
  3. Click Close Position from the Position Actions dropdown at the top of the screen.
    Close position selected from the Position Actions dropdown

2. Indicate whether or not an applicant was selected

  1. Click Yes or No under Was an applicant selected?
    Closing Position section with Yes selected under Was an applicant selected
  2. If an applicant was selected:
      1. Click the Add Applicant button under Select Applicant(s).

    Note that more than one applicant can be selected to fill the position.

      2. Click Add adjacent to the desired applicant(s) on the Add Selected Applicant window.
      3. Click Close when finished.
  3. If an applicant was not selected, an optional Note can be left to document why no selection was made.
  4. Click Close Position at the bottom of the page when all applicants have been selected.

3. Select or add a position status

Check out this article on how to Assign or Change a Position Status for further guidance and this article About Position and Application Statuses for more information.


4. Ensure a close date is selected and unpublish the Apply Now URL.

Check out this article on how to Edit an Existing Position for further guidance on how to select a deadline and unpublish the URL from the Position Summary page.


The position is now closed and applicants will no longer be able to apply to the position. However, the landing page will not be automatically unpublished. Select the tabs below to see what the landing page looks like.

Open Position


Closed Position


An Administrator or Case Manager will need to unpublish the landing page of a closed position so that applicants will no longer be able to access the position. Once this is done, the position will no longer appear in the list of active positions but will appear in the list of closed (archived) positions, viewable by filtering the list of positions.



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