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Close a Position (Archive) and Indicate an Outcome

Committee Managers and Administrators can close a position when applications are no longer being considered, either because a hire has been made or for some other reason.

When closing a position, Committee Managers or Administrators are asked to indicate which applicants were selected to fill the position, and if no applicants were selected, can leave an optional note to document why no selection was made. The user is also asked to set a final closed status for the position and has the option to send a message to all applicants based on the status they have chosen.

In addition, Administrators can run reports that clearly document who was hired for every search in the system. For more information see this article on how to run a report on hired applicants.

This article explains how to close a position and document the outcome of the search.

Select the position you want to close from the list of positions

Click "Position Actions" button at the top right of the screen

Select "Close Position" from the dropdown menu

Indicate whether or not an applicant was selected to fill the position

If no applicant was selected, you can leave an optional note to document why no selection was made, and click the "Close Position" button


If one or more applicants was selected, click "Add Applicants"

A list of available applicants will appear as shown below. Click "Add" to add the selected applicants

You can search the list of available applicants by name, or email address, and filter the list by application status.

Click "Close Position" at the bottom left of the page when all of the applicants selected to fill the position have been added


Select a position status or add a custom position status to complete the search

Once you close a position, you should select an appropriate position status to indicate the position's closed state.

See here for more information on Position Statuses.

Back on the position page, locate the current status at the top of the page, and click the "Change" link

Note that the position's closed state is indicated in parentheses, but it is still a good idea to officially change the status when closing the position.

Select the appropriate position status from the dropdown list

Confirm that you want to change the status

Note that you can elect to send a message to applicants notifying them of the change in status.


The position is now closed


Note: The landing page of the closed position will be unpublished and no longer accessible to applicants.

The position will no longer appear in the list of active cases but will appear in the list of closed (archived) positions viewable by filtering the list of positions

To reopen the position:

Select it from the list of closed positions

Click "Position Actions" to the right of the applications page, and select "Open Position" from the dropdown menu

Make sure you change the position status to an appropriate open or active status