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Reopen a Closed Position

An Interfolio Faculty Search (FS) position is either Open, meaning a position is accepting new applications, or Closed, meaning no new applications are being accepted. Committee Managers and Administrators can close a position when applications are no longer being considered, either because a hire has been made or for some other reason. This article will go over how to reopen a closed position.


Reopen a Closed Position

1. Navigate to the desired Position under Positions

Navigation: Positions > desired closed position

  1. Click Positions under Faculty Search on the navigation bar.
    Positions selected under Faculty Search
  2. Click Filter to show only Closed positions.
  3. Select Position Closed under the Status dropdown.
    Position Closed selected under the Status dropdown
  4. Click the “X” when finished.
  5. Click the hyperlinked Name of the desired position to reopen from the filtered list.

2. Reopen the Position

  1. Click Open Position from the Position Actions dropdown in the top right corner.
  2. Select a new Status for the re-opened position.
  3. Click Confirm when finished.

    To start accepting applications again, it is necessary to edit the position and enter new dates, descriptions, or other changes.

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