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Make a Position Public or Private (Waiver)

A toggle is now available for Faculty Search (FS) positions that allows users to mark the Advertising Setting of the search as public or private when creating a position. Private positions are only accessible via a private link that can be shared with selected applicants. The link is not visible to the general public. Public positions are available for applicants to find and apply for online.


Create a Public or Private Position

  1. When creating or editing a position, go to the third page, Basic Information.
  2. Scroll down to the Advertising Settings section.
  3. Select Public or Private using the radio boxes.
    • Public Positions: Public positions are available for applicants to find and apply online. They are published on external job feeds managed by Interfolio. Public positions will be accessible from External job board feeds and listings published by our integration partners such as Inside Higher Ed, HERC, or HigherEd Jobs, keywords and other searches in Dossier, and an institution's Public Positions List.

      A public posting does not automatically post to these services unless users have already set up this integration.

    • Private Positions: Select a Reason for Private Search from the dropdown list. Fill in the Explain the reason for waiving the mandatory search process field.

      The position will not be discoverable in any public position feeds managed by Interfolio. Private positions are accessible via a private link. The private link is excluded from any external job feeds managed by Interfolio. They are not accessible via Dossier, external job feeds from integration partners, or the institution's Public Positions list.


      Private positions have a number of benefits for users including conducting internal searches, making internal or waiver hires, and allowing for the review of a preferred candidate



What is a reason code?

When setting a position to Private, users are asked to select a Reason from a set list of reason codes indicating why the position should be private. This field is required when creating a private position. The user is asked to select a reason from a dropdown list that includes:

  • Spousal/Partner Hire
  • Target of Excellence/Opportunity Hire
  • Individual Named in Grant or Offer Letter
  • Specialist
  • Emergency Hire
  • Visiting Scholar and Research
  • Internal Promotion
  • Research Team
  • Change in Organizational Structure
  • Reinstatement, Returning Employee
  • Other

    If Other is selected, the user is presented with a text field to enter a reason The dropdown list cannot be edited. If the reason for creating a private position is not in the list, select Other, and write in the Other Reason.


What is an advertising explanation?

An additional text field is provided that allows the user to provide additional information as to why they are bypassing the usual public process and setting the position to Private.

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