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Overview of Email Delivery vs. Confidential Letter Upload

This article explains the difference between email deliveries and confidential letter uploads. Both delivery types are available with an upgrade to Dossier Deliver.


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Select the tabs below to view more information on email deliveries, confidential letter uploads, and applying to an Interfolio hosted position.

Email Deliveries

Email deliveries are for sending Dossier materials to an email address that is authorized to receive application materials for a specific position or search. Any of the documents can be sent in a Dossier account using an email delivery, but for confidential letters of recommendation, it is asked that a link to a website or a text description is provided with information about the position opportunity be provided. This is so Interfolio can verify the destination, and ensure the security and integrity of the confidential letters.

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Confidential Letter Uploads

Confidential letter uploads are for sending confidential letters of recommendation to online application systems. This delivery type allows an applicant to upload a confidential letter to an online application platform. When filling out an online application form, the user may have to enter the email addresses of the people who will write the letters of recommendation, or the online application may provide a link to a website (URL) where the authors of the letters of recommendation can upload the letters. In either case, Interfolio can upload confidential letters from the Dossier account to these systems.

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Applying to Interfolio Position

If the web address is, this means the receiving institution is using Interfolio to manage their search. All deliveries to Interfolio-hosted positions are free for Dossier users and do not count towards the 50 annual deliveries.