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Use Disposition Codes

Disposition codes help track and document committee decisions regarding each applicant, providing responsible documentation of the hiring process and mitigating liability by keeping a record of the stated reasons why each individual job applicant was removed from consideration.

This article explains how to use disposition codes.


For more detailed information see this article on Setting Up Disposition Codes.



Assigning Disposition Codes

Disposition codes can be assigned to applications one at a time, or a single disposition can be assigned to multiple applications.

Assign a disposition code to a single applicant:

  1. Select the applicant from the list of application
  2. Click "Add" under the Disposition code section of the applicant's profile page
  3. Select the disposition code from the drop down list

Assign disposition code to multiple applicants:

  1. Select multiple applications on the applications page as shown below. This will open a menu bar that includes a "Disposition Codes" button.
  2. Click "Disposition Codes" and select the code you want to apply

The code will display on the applicant profile page of each user.


Changing and Removing Disposition Codes

To change a disposition code, open the applicant's profile page and click "Change" under the Disposition Code section

Select the appropriate code from the drop down list  

To remove the disposition code, scroll to the bottom of the list and select "Remove Disposition Code"

You can also remove the code from multiple applications at once from the list of applications

On the applications page, select the applications you want to change, click the "Disposition Code" button, and select "Remove Disposition Code."



Viewing Disposition Codes

You can add a column to the applications page to display the disposition codes of applicants.

Click "Columns" and select "Disposition Codes"

The disposition codes will appear in the table, and the list can be searched and sorted (alphabetically) by disposition codes


Reporting on Disposition Codes

Committee managers or admins in Faculty Search can create an Applications Report by selecting to add a Disposition Code column for reports on the applications list.

Open Reports section and make sure you are viewing the "Applications Report" tab

Click "Columns" and select to add Disposition Code

Choose the unit to report on

Disposition codes will display as a column on the table and in the CSV file of the report