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Search for Employment and Fellowship Opportunities in Dossier

Users can apply directly to positions listed with Interfolio, for free, with the push of a button. With an upgraded Dossier Deliver account, applications to Interfolio-hosted positions do not count against the 50 annual deliveries.

This article will review how to search for opportunities to apply to within Dossier.


Search for Opportunities

  1. Select Deliveries from the left-hand navigation.
    Deliveries selected on navigation
  2.  Click New Delivery in the upper right-hand corner.
  3.  Search for positions by keyword, or enter the name of the position or institution under Find an Opportunity.
    Find an Opportunity section with search bar selected

    The results will display matching Interfolio-hosted positions. The list can be sorted by Institution name (alphabetically), Location (alphabetically), Position Name, and Deadline

  4. Click the title to view position details such as description, qualifications, and more.
  5. Click Start Application to apply.

Search Other Job Boards

Click the appropriate button to search for opportunities matching keywords on the job boards of Inside Higher Ed, HigherEd Jobs, and HERC (Higher Education Recruitment Consortium)

Inside Higher Ed, HigherEd Jobs, and HERC job boards displayed on the right side of the page above the list of position names.


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