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Link to Webpages in Your Dossier

Follow the instructions below to include a link to a webpage as part of your Dossier.


1. Navigate to Add Files under Materials

Navigation: Materials > Add Files

  1. Click Materials on the Dossier navigation menu.
     Materials selected on navigation
  2. Click Add Files to upload files to include in Dossier materials. 

    Check out this article on how to Upload Materials to Dossier Account for more information.


2. Upload Webpage

  1. Select the Webpages tab.
  2. Enter the Title, select the Type of material being added, enter the URL linking to the webpage, and enter a Description.

    Make sure to include the prefix, such as http://

  3. Click Add when finished.

3. Preview Webpage

Click the file Title under the My Materials section to preview it in a browser and view a history of changes. The preview displays how your materials will appear to reviewers.

Note that clicking the link will open the webpage in a new browser tab. This is true when previewing the link and how the link will work for the person reviewing your materials.