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Share and Receive Feedback on Dossier Materials

This Interfolio Dossier feature allows users to collect feedback on academic materials and plans for self-presentation of their academic work, research, creative production, teaching, and service to the academic community.


This is a premium feature that is only available with Dossier Deliver. Check out this article on how to Upgrade to Dossier Deliver for more information.


Please note that:

  • Comments are restricted to be viewed only between the document owner and also the owner of said comment. Commenters cannot collaborate.
  • To receive feedback on a new version of a document, upload it and share that new document with the reviewer.
  • Users do not need an Interfolio account to review a document. If the reviewer/commenter does not have an Interfolio account, they must log in via the link provided in their email.
  • Updating a document (such as a Non-Confidential Letter of Recommendation or a CV) will remove all previous feedback on the old version of the document.

Share and Receive Feedback on Dossier Materials

Share Materials

Navigation: Materials > Title > Share

  1. Click Materials on the Dossier navigation menu.
     Materials selected on navigation
  2. Click the Title of the desired document.
  3. Click the Share button at the top of the page.
  4. Enter the Email(s) of the desired recipient(s) of the item. Enter a Message if desired.

    Note that the person must be added to the contact list. Click Add Them to do this from this screen.

  5. Click Share when finished.

    When sharing with multiple people, reviewers will not be able to see the comments made by others with whom the document owner has shared the item.


    Note that when an item is shared, it will appear marked as shared in the list of materials in your Dossier account.


    Check out this article on how to Create and Manage List of Contacts for more information.


Access Documents/Provide Feedback

Reviewers and collaborators will receive an email with a link allowing them to access the shared item. If reviewers cannot find the email, they should check their spam filter.

  1. Click the link from the email. If the reviewer/collaborator who shared the item has an active Dossier account, the shared item will also appear in the Shared with Me section from the navigation bar.
    • All documents shared will display. Users can Search for keywords in comments from the Search Bar.
  2. Click the Title of the desired material. 
  3. Click the Add Comments button above the document viewer to leave comments on. The reviewer/collaborator can leave comments with feedback on the shared material for the document owner to view. 

    The document owner will receive an email notification when new comments are left by the person with whom they shared the item. The document owner can review, respond to, and resolve comments left by the reviewer.

  4. Click Done when finished to save comments.
  5. Click Download comments at the bottom left of the viewer to download a PDF of the comments on an item, the document owner can also set whether or not to display comment markers on the displayed document

If the document owner has shared with multiple collaborators, they can only view and respond to the comments of one reviewer at a time, and all threads are restricted to both reviewers. Document owners can switch between collaborators from the dropdown list labeled Collaborate with…


Manage Shared Materials

Navigation: Materials > Title > Manage Sharing

  1. Click Materials on the Dossier navigation menu.
    Materials selected on navigation
  2. Click the Title of the desired document.
  3. Click the Manage Sharing button.

    This button will only appear on items that are shared. Otherwise, the Share button will appear here.

  4. Click Revoke access to take away access from a reviewer/collaborator that was shared the item.
  5. Click Undo to reverse this action and restore a person's access to the item.

When access to a document is revoked for a collaborator:

  • The document owner can still see their comments, but the document owner will see a notice that they no longer have access to the item.
  • When the collaborator tries to open the item, they will see a message explaining that they have lost access.


Who Can Use the Sharing and Feedback Feature?

  1. Dossier users who pay for Dossier Deliver. With an active Dossier Deliver account, users can share Dossier materials (with the exception of the letter of recommendation) and collections of materials with anyone regardless of whether that person has an Interfolio account.
  2. Dossier users whose account is provided by their institution. With a Dossier account provided by an institution individual items and collections of materials stored in Dossier can be shared with other Dossier users at the institution. The person sharing the materials will be able to view those materials online through their browser, within an Interfolio environment, and write comments on them. In order to access the shared document/collection, current Interfolio users will have to sign into their own Dossier account.

Users can hold an account of both user types by having a Dossier account provided by an institution and a Dossier Deliver account.


Why am I unable to comment on the document that was shared with me?

This is because of one (or more) of the following situations.

Situation Details
Dossier Institution Users
  • The document owner's Dossier account is no longer provided by an Interfolio Client Institution.
  • The account of either user's Dossier account is no longer provided by an Interfolio Client Institution.
Dossier Deliver Users The document owner's account is no longer a Dossier Deliver account due to its expiration.
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