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Add Transcripts to Your Dossier Account

You can store a variety of documents in your Interfolio Dossier, including transcripts. We will store your documents even after your account expires, so they’ll be there if you renew your account a few years later.

The instructions below are for uploading transcripts to your account. We can also accept transcripts that are emailed or mailed directly to us.


To mail us your transcript: Mail, or have your institution mail your transcripts to the following address:

Interfolio Inc.
1400 K street NW, Suite 1100
Washington DC


Please Note:

  • Interfolio does not distinguish between official and unofficial transcripts, because any transcript we send out will be a copy of the original, since we scan mailed documents that we receive
  • Positions hosted through Interfolio that require a "Transcript" will accept either unofficial or official transcripts
  • For non-interfolio applications, most universities want "official" transcripts to be paper copies straight from the school, so you should check with the recipient to ensure they accept transcripts from Interfolio

1. Click "Materials" page on your navigation bar

2. Click "Add Files" on your "Materials" page

3. Drag and drop your transcript file and click "Add," or "Browse To Upload" the file

4. Title your transcript (i.e. Undergraduate Transcript)

The title you give the document will be the title used by Interfolio when we send deliveries on your behalf.

5. Select "Transcript" as the document type from the dropdown list

6. Select "Choose File," upload your transcript and click "Add"

Your document will appear in your Dossier with the status "Converting" until it is processed


Depending on the size of the file, it will take a few moments for our system to convert your document. When it's finished, the status will change to "Received" (you may need to refresh your browser to update the status).