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Approval Templates and Position Approval

If your organization requires approval for posting new positions, you will be prompted to submit new positions for approval as the final step in creating a position.

Organizations can also set up position approval workflows to accommodate requirements for more than one step in the position approval process.

The administrator(s) who are designated to approve new positions will be notified that you have submitted a position for approval, and can either approve the position and send it forward to the next step in the approval process, or send it back for changes.

If changes are required, you will be notified of the necessary changes and can resubmit the position once the required changes have been made. This article explains more about the process of approving positions.

Create a position

When creating a position, a user must select the position type and unit, and indicate if the position is a new position or or a clone of an existing position.

Click "Submit for Approval"

When they finish creating the position, the position creator will be notified that the position must be approved before posting, and must submit the position for approval.

Fill out the "Send Position for Approval" form

The approver(s) displayed will receive a message asking them to review the position. Enter the email to send to the approver.

The creator will receive an email once the position has been approved by all approvers.