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Lock/Unlock Sections for Candidate Editing of Packet Materials

Unit Administrators, Case Managers, and Committee Managers can set whether or not candidates can add, edit, and submit requirements to the candidate section of the packet.


Lock or Unlock Candidate Packet Materials

Navigation: Cases > Candidate Name > Lock or Unlock

  1. Navigate to Cases on the navigation menu. 
     Review, Promotion & Tenure section with Cases highlighted
  2. Click the Name of the candidate to navigate to the desired case to edit.
  3. Select Lock or Unlock adjacent to the section(s) of the packets containing candidate materials.
    Faculty Activity Reporting Vita section with Lock button in top right corner selected

When unlocked, candidate editing is enabled, and the candidate can add, edit, or submit materials for the section. When locked, candidate editing is disabled, and the candidate can not add, edit, or submit materials for the section.


Note that sections of the candidate's packet containing materials can be independently locked or unlocked to allow editing on a section by section basis.