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Add and Manage Faculty Search and RPT Users with SSO

Interfolio has introduced features that will help clients to troubleshoot (investigate and solve) problems when users have issues logging into Interfolio products with Single Sign On (SSO). Within each of the modules, any user with the Institutional Administrator role can now go into any of the applications and adjust one field (SSO) whenever someone may have an issue logging into the application. Essentially the SSO ID is simply revealing an existing field within the User Interface (UI). This is a place in-product Institutional Administrators can use users to spot-check that the proper SSO ID got passed for an individual user, and if necessary, can update SSO ID if someone is having an issue logging in. In Faculty Search (FS) and Review, Promotion & Tenure (RPT), this function is accessed when adding or editing a user


Add and Manage Users with SSO

1. Navigate to Users under Users & Groups

Navigation: Users & Groups > Users

  1. Click Users & Groups on the navigation bar.
    Users & Groups selected under Faculty Search
  2. Ensure the Users tab is selected at the top of the page. 
    Users, Units & Titles section with Users tab selected

2. Add User

  1. Click the Add User button in the top right corner.

    Users with an SSO login are identified by the Key icon to the left of their name.

  2. Enter the First Name, Last Name, Email, and whether to send new user a welcome message.
  3. If the institution uses UIDs, indicate that the User Type will be Internal or External.
  4. Click Add (or Send if sending a welcome message) when finished.

3. Edit User Permissions and SSO Information

  1. Click the Edit (pencil) icon adjacent to the desired user.
  2. If the institution uses SSO, a Single Sign On  section will appear. Click the checkbox below this section to indicate if the user will use SSO when creating a user.
  3. Select the SSO Identifier tab.
  4. Enter the new SSO ID in the provided field.
  5. Click Remove SSO ID to remove the SSO ID for the user.
  6. Click Remove SSO ID again to confirm decision.

    Note that removing an SSO ID is not recommended and may result in the user losing access to the program. A user's SSO ID can always be updated via the SSO Identifier tab.



Help Logging In

Administrators and Committee Managers can Resend the Invitation Email to Interfolio Faculty Search to help their faculty access their account. That email will prompt faculty members to create a new password and allow them to access their account. If Committee Members are experiencing any trouble, they can Recover their Password from the Interfolio home page.