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Add New Users and Assign Roles in Faculty Search

Potential search committee members must be added as Interfolio users in order to review applications and perform committee work in Faculty Search (FS). Committee Managers and Administrators can add users to FS. Users are managed from the Users, Units & Titles page. Follow the instructions below to add users to the program.


Note that adding a user to FS will ONLY give them access to FS. They will not have access to Dossier. If that user also needs access to Dossier (for example, in order to apply to any internal positions), they should reach out to support and we can add it to their account.


Add New Users

1. Navigate to Users under Users & Groups

Navigation: Users & Groups > Users

  1. Click Users & Groups on the navigation bar.
    Users & Groups selected under Faculty Search
  2. Ensure the Users tab is selected at the top of the page. 
    Users, Units & Titles section with Users tab selected

2. Add Users

  1. Click the Add User button at the top right of the page.
  2. Enter the new user's First Name, Last Name, Email, and Message to be sent.

    Institutions with UID enabled will need to select the user type of Internal or External. If Internal is selected, they are required to enter the UID. 

  3. Click Preview to see how the email will look to the recipient.
  4. Click Send when ready to send the message.

Note that this invitation email can be resent at any time.


3. Add Roles

  1. Click Add Role at the bottom of the Edit User window to assign the user to roles within each unit they are assigned to. 
    Edit User window with Add Role button at the bottom

    By default, new users are added to the program with the role of Evaluator, however, an administrative user can grant any user a role equal to or lesser than their own role in any unit they administer. For instance, an Administrator in FS can add a user and assign that user the role of Administrator or Committee Manager for any unit in their organizational hierarchy. Committee Managers can add a user and grant that user the role of Committee Manager or Evaluator in any administrative unit where they serve as a Committee Manager, but cannot add a user and make them an Administrator.

  2. Select the Unit and Role using the dropdown list.
  3. Click Save when finished.
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