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Submit a Letter of Recommendation Requested By a Committee

Follow the instructions below if you have received a letter request from a committee or institution on behalf of an applicant.

You will receive an email notifying you of the letter request:

1. Click "View Request"

2. You will be taken to a page where you can access supporting documents and choose to accept or decline the request:

Note that you can click Read All Materials to open any supporting materials in our document reader, or you can elect to download materials.

3. If you click to accept:

The Select File for Upload button will appear.

3.1. Click "Select File for Upload"

4. Drag and drop, or browse to upload your file

5. Click "Submit Recommendation"

Your document will be sent to the appropriate committees for review. Click "Activate Now" to activate your free Dossier account.

Activating your free account with Interfolio allows you to store and send confidential letters of recommendation for candidates to a range of academic opportunities, from grants to tenure reviews to faculty positions. We will help you keep track of all your letter requests and submitted letters. For example, you can track any previous history of letter requests that were sent to the email address you used for the letter you just submitted.