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FAQ: Candidate Involvement in Cases

This article covers common questions and best practices about candidate involvement in Review, Promotion & Tenure (RPT) cases. Most importantly, the article explains what it means for a candidate to be involved in the case and the ramifications of selecting Yes or No to the question Will the candidate be involved in this evaluation?



Should the candidate be involved in this evaluation?

Choose carefully when setting this option. Select the tabs below to view more information on what to consider when choosing yes or no to answer this question.

If Yes is Chosen

This will give the candidate access to their case at any point in the workflow.

When creating a case with candidate involvement, there are two options available when moving the case into its workflow. The two options are to notify the candidate OR move to step 1. If you do not notify the candidate at this step, the candidate will NEVER have access to this packet throughout the rest of the case.


If No is Chosen

The candidate will not be able access their case at any point in the workflow, now or in the future.

If No is chosen at this step it is not possible to go back and change this setting under any circumstance.


If No was chosen but the candidate needs to have access later on, the case will have to be created again.


What does it mean for the candidate to be involved in the evaluation?

If the candidate is involved in the evaluation:

  • The candidate can submit their own materials.
  • The candidate will have access to their candidate packet.
  • The candidate can be communicated with during the evaluation period.

If the candidate has submitted their case and the case has been moved into the workflow, can they still submit materials?

Yes. If a case section is, unlocked the candidate can submit materials regardless of whether or not the case or the section has been submitted and is moving through the workflow steps.


Can Unit Administrators or Case Managers edit or remove materials submitted by the candidate?

No. Only the candidate can change the content of their packet. Unit Administrators and Case Managers cannot delete, edit, or move candidate submitted materials to an internal section. Unit Administrators and Case Managers can change access settings for candidate submitted docs, but cannot replace or change content submitted by the candidate.


Can the notifications to committee members be stopped when candidates submit a partial packet?

Candidates can submit their packet section by section. They do not have to submit the entire packet at once. Committee members receive a notification whenever the candidate submits one or more sections of the packet, even when the complete packet has not been submitted. This can be confusing if the committee member logs in expecting to see the complete packet. That is intended functionality.

To prevent the notifications from going to committee members before the entire packet is submitted, it is recommend that Unit Administrators create a blank Admin Only steps at step one, and start adding committees at step two.


What does the candidate see when they view their case?

Select the tabs below to view more information on the two pages a candidate can see when viewing their case.

Overview page

When the candidate accesses their packet, they will see an Overview page listing the required materials and forms they will need to add to their packet. The candidate will have access (can view and respond) to any files shared with them by the committee.


Packet sections

Their packet will likely be divided into sections, each with a list of materials to upload in order to complete each section. If a due date has been set, the candidate will see the due date for each section. Each section of the packet can be submitted once all requirements for the section have been met.

Note that individual packet sections can have unique due dates and be submitted when complete. It is not necessary to submit the entire packet at once.