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Manage Case Settings for an Institution: Enable Comments, Downloads & Manage Deadline Types

This article explains how to manage case settings including enabling commenting across an institution so that no committee members at your institution are able to discuss a candidate through comments (using the Conversation feature) on a case page. Please note that comments are committee specific; members of a committee can only see comments left by other members of that committee. Comments disappear when the case is moved to a different step.

Users can also set the deadline type for an institution from Case Settings



Enable/Disable Comments

  1. Navigate to Administration under the Review, Promotion & Tenure tab of the navigation menu


  1. Check or uncheck the buttons to allow comments and downloads
    • Check the box below to allow committee members and administrative users to post and respond to comments on cases at your institution.
    • Check the box below to enable committee members and administrative users to download case materials. Please note that Interfolio cannot block screen capture tools or other means of saving documents outside of our program.

Edit Candidate Deadline Settings

  1. Click Edit Deadline Settings
  2. Click to edit the deadline type. 
    Soft deadlines allow candidates to submit after the deadline. 
    If Hard deadline is selected, candidates cannot submit after the deadline, and any materials in the packet or the empty packet itself will be sent to the first step of the review when the deadline has passed.  
  3. Set who should be notified when a hard deadline passes. Users can select to notify an Administrator or a Case Manager. The selected roles will be notified of automatic candidate packet submissions after the deadline has passed.