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Set Up Committee Voting at Institution

Institutional Administrators can create a set of voting options that can be used to record votes by all committees, and collect the voting results of all cases created at an institution. The results of committee votes will be tracked and reports can be generated from voting data. To enable the voting feature, a Unit Administrator must create possible voting responses which will be made available for cases at their institution. This article explains how to set up the committee voting feature in Interfolio Review, Promotion, & Tenure (RPT).


Note that the committee voting feature is a way for Unit Administrators, Case Managers, and Committee Managers to record the results of a committee vote. Votes are recorded on behalf of committee members on the Case page of a candidate. Committee members can view the results of their committee's vote, but they do not cast votes in the program, and will see no option for voting on their view of a candidate's Case page.


Set Up Committee Voting

1. Navigate to Voting under Administration

Navigation: Administration > Voting

  1. Navigate to Administration on the navigation menu. 
     Review, Promotion & Tenure
  2. Click the Voting tab on left-hand side.
    Voting selected

2. Add, Edit, and Delete Voting Options

A few default voting options are automatically available, but these can be edited or additional votes can be added.

  1. Click Add Option to add a voting option to the list.
    • Enter the new option Name.
    • Click Done when finished.
  2. Click the Edit icon (pencil) adjacent to the voting option to make changes to.
    • Make changes to the Name.
    • Click Update when finished.
    • Click the Delete button to delete the status.

Note that if a voting option is deleted or edited and changed, that voting option cannot be edited on existing committee voting ballots where it was added before it was deleted. This means that option cannot be added or subtracted for the existing vote with the plus or minus buttons since the voting option does not exist anymore. In these cases, an error message will display and the change will not be recorded (the data will remain unaltered).