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Completing & Submitting Committee Forms

Committee members or committee managers (depending on the settings indicated when creating a form) can fill out and submit a form as part of a case, and if necessary, resubmit a form they have previously submitted.

A form can be saved before all required questions are complete, and can be made “editable” again by the original respondent.

A committee member who is given access to a case that has required forms will receive an email with a note about the items they need to complete as part of the review.

To work on your assigned form, access the case to which you are assigned, and click "Fill Out Form" in the Required Items section of the Case Details tab.

Answer the form questions and click to submit when you are finished, or click to save your responses and work on the form later

When completing a form, the committee member will be able to save their responses, whether or not the form is complete, can submit the form. The committee member can also cancel their submission.

Click "Yes" to confirm submission of the form

You will see a confirmation message when submitting the form alerting you that submission will make your responses available to the appropriate members for review.

Click "Edit Submission" to make changes to a submitted form

The completed form will appear in the designated case section on the Case Materials section of the Case page location.

You will be able to change or edit your responses while the case is at the current step.

Note that missing responses will be indicated when viewing the Required Items on the Case Details page.