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Make Notes on Case Packet Materials and Export Annotations

Reviewers can add annotations to materials in a candidate’s file and export those annotations in a PDF file for offline access. This makes it easy to highlight the most important parts of a packet and track and revisit thoughts when evaluating materials.


Annotations are private notes and are only visible to the reviewer who adds them. However, much like paper notes, annotations may be discoverable as evidence in certain legal proceedings.


Make Notes on Case Packet

Navigation: Cases > Name > Read Case

  1. Click Cases under Review, Promotion & Tenure (RPT) on the navigation menu.
    Review, Promotion & Tenure section with Cases highlighted
  2. Click the Name of the desired case to edit.
  3. Click Read Case on the Case Materials tab to load all accessible case materials into the document reader to be viewed.
    Case Materials tab selected with Read Case button selected
    • Click the title of a document to open that specific document in the document reader.

      The document reader displays all materials organized by sections. Note that materials can be downloaded (if enabled), PDF files of materials can be searched through, and  annotations can be left on the materials.


Add/Export Annotations

Notes can be left on materials during the review process. The annotations made will appear on their own tab and can be exported.


Annotations are private and can only be viewed by whoever created the annotation.


Annotations are added from the lower right corner of the reader.
Pencil on top of a square, trash can, eye

  1. Click the View icon (eye) to toggle on or off the display of annotations
  2. Click the Note icon (pencil with square) to add an annotation on the currently displayed document
    • After clicking the Note icon (pencil with square), select the type of annotation desired to create:
      Notes icon selected with Point, Area, and Text shown above
      • Make no selection to add a simple Sticky note to the document.
      • Click Point to adds a note with an arrow pointing to a particular point in the document.
      • Click Area to add a note about a selected area.
      • Click Text to add a note about highlighted text.
    • To edit a note added, simply click into the text field
  3. Click into the text field of the note and then click the Delete icon (trash can) to delete a note.
  4. Click the Export icon (arrow with square) within the Annotations  tab to generate a PDF of annotations that can be downloaded and printed.
    Annotations tab selected with Export button selected