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Set Institutional and Personal Vita Template Information and Settings

Once a vita template is created, users will need to set up the template information and settings. Changes to Institutional vitas may be seen if the Linked setting is turned on. In this case, if the source template is edited, any changes will apply to all templates linked to the source template.


For directions on how to edit table columns within a vita template follow this navigation within this article: 2. Make Desired Changes > Edit Sections > Settings > Edit Table Columns


Check out this article on how to Create an Institutional Template for more information on creating institutional templates (this function is only available for administrators with the appropriate permissions).


Set Institutional and Personal Vita Template Settings

1. Navigate to Edit under My Templates

Navigation: My Templates > Edit Template

  1. Click My Templates under the Vitas & Biosketches section of the navigation menu in FAR.
    Faculty Activity Reporting section with My Templates selected
  2. Click Edit adjacent to the name of the desired template to adjust settings for.

2. Make desired changes

Set Template info/settings

  1. Click Edit General Information at the top of the page.
    Edit General Information button with pencil selected with Edit Template Styling with underlined A not selected
    • This button opens a drawer to edit the Name, Description, and Display Settings
  2. Click Edit Template Styling at the top of the page.
    Edit General Information button with pencil not selected with Edit Template Styling with underlined A selected
    • This button opens a drawer to edit the Citation Style and formatting (fonts, font size, color, alignment, spacing, borders, and paragraph style) for the Titles, Headings, and Paragraphs. All changes will be added to the template and will define the styles of all vitas made using the template.

Reorder/Hide/Duplicate sections

  1. Click Reorder All Sections
    Standard Vita Template section with Reorder All Sections selected 
    • This button opens a drawer where users can:
      • Click the up or down arrows to move the order of shown and hidden sections by one space. 
      • Drag and drop the sections to desired section order.
      • Select a number using the dropdown to indicate where the section will appear.
  2. Click Hide All Sections or Show All Sections to display or not display all sections of the vita if necessary.
    • This can also be done for individual sections by clicking the Hide Section or Show Section button adjacent to the desired section.
  3. Click the Up and Down arrows to move the section up or down a section at a time.
  4. Click Duplicate to copy and rename a section.

Edit sections

Click Edit adjacent to the desired section name. Below are some editable options that will display.


Click Settings to opens a drawer with settings and options particular to that section such as section name, description, display style (list or tags), numbering, and whether or not each classification is displayed.

Edit Table Columns

To edit the table column configuration when using tabular format, take the following steps:

  1. Ensure the Settings drawer displays by following the navigation My Templates > Edit Template > Edit > Settings
    Settings drawer displays with section name field, section description field, display style field, numbering field, and show description, show journal metrics, and display link to attachments checkboxes

    Note that initially, when the Section Name on the Activity Input Form is changed, the Vita Template will update based on what is shown on the Activity Input Form. However once the section name on the Vita Template is changed, this connection will be permanently removed. Changes to the Activity Input Form will NO LONGER update in the Vita Template.


    It is recommended to make all updates in the Activity Input Form, not the Vita Template.

  2. Select Tabular from the Display Style dropdown.
    Display Style dropdown with Tabular selected
  3. Click the Edit Table Columns button that will appear beneath the Display Style dropdown.
  4. Click to Shown/Hidden adjacent to each column name and Drag and Drop the column names to decide what columns appear on the vita table and it what order. Watch the GIF below for guidance on this process.
  5. Click Save at the bottom of the configuration panel to apply  changes

Section Grouping

Sections can be grouped by activity classifications or designated database fields such as city, degree, discipline, and more. 

  1. Click Section Grouping.
  2. Select the type to Group By from the dropdown menu.
    • Grants have the added ability to group activities by Status.
    • Scholarly Contributions and Creative Productions can also be grouped by Subtype and Status.


  1. Click Styling.
  2. Click the dropdown menu for the desired header to choose the styling and formatting.

3. Save and Preview the template

  1. Click Preview  to view how the base template will look when a vita is created for export.
  2. Click Save to save the vita template.
    Save and Preview button next to the back button

4. View editing history

  1. Click View Editing History at the top of the page to view a log of changes made to the vita.
    Standard Vita Template section with View Editing History adjacent to it
  2. Select the Start and End Date to display the editing history during a particular date range.
    • Reports can be downloaded as a .CSV file. This will list the date and time of changes, the user who made the changes, and the number of changes made.

The vita template will be available for selection when creating a vita. The template can be managed from the My Templates page (edited, archived), and will be available when creating a vita.