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Using Interfolio Faculty Search with Lifecycle Management

Institutional Administrators at institutions that use both Faculty Search (FS) and Lifecycle Management (LM) can create a faculty record in LM for any individual applicant hired through an FS position. When creating an applicant's profile in LM, Administrators can choose to include the CV of the newly hired faculty member from their FS application. If the institution requires that hires be approved using the selection approval workflow feature of FS, the option to create a profile in LM for an applicant without going through the selection approval workflow for that position will be available. To create a record in LM for the new hire, complete a form in FS that includes basic details about the applicant and the applicant's appointment information. After the record is created, a link to that record will be available from that faculty member's application in FS. This article explains the steps involved in creating a faculty record in LM for an individual applicant hired in FS.


Please note that in order to use this feature, an individual must have the user role of Institutional Administrator in both FS and LM. To successfully create a record for a new hire, the applicant's appointment must already exist in LM. This means an existing Series Name and Rank Name for the given appointment must exist in LM before the applicant's record can be created. The applicant's hire date and the start date of the appointment will also need to be known.


Using Interfolio Faculty Search with Lifecycle Management

1. Navigate to Send to Lifecycle Management under Positions

Navigation: Faculty Search > Positions > desired Position > Applicant Name > Actions > Send to Lifecycle Management

  1. Click Positions on the navigation menu under Faculty Search.
    Positions selected under Faculty Search
  2. Click the Faculty Member's name to open their profile. 
  3. Select Send to Lifecycle Management under the Actions dropdown.
    Send to Lifecycle Management selected at the bottom of the Actions dropdown menu

2. Create a Profile

  1. Enter all Details about the Applicant including their Personal Information, Personal Address, and Institutional Address.

    The record in LM needs to have an institutional email address, not the personal email address they used to apply.

  2. Click Continue when finished.
  3. Enter Details about the Appointment including Appointment Information, Workload, and Additional Appointment Information.

3. View profile in LM

  1. After creating a record in Lifecycle Management, a link to that record will be available from the faculty member's application in Faculty Search.
    Name of Applicant with Profile created in Lifecycle Management by Interfolio written below
  2. Click the View Profile button to visit the new record in LM. The Faculty Record will display in Lifecycle Management.
    Lifecycle Management view of faculty member from Faculty Search


How to update a user’s email address when utilizing the FS integration?

The email is likely a personal email and needs to be updated to the institutional email. The email cannot be updated once it has been used for a faculty member.

It is recommended to only use the FS integration when the institution email for the user is known.


Can a faculty member's start date be Future Dated when using the FS integration?

Yes. The term Start Date refers to the date the appointment starts. Hire dates and Appointment dates may be dated in the future. It is highly recommended to only use this feature once the faculty member has an institutional email address.

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