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Configure Legacy Vitas - Faculty

Legacy Vitas in Faculty Activity Reporting (FAR, Faculty180) are used by faculty members to generate their CVs. The standard CV is the default Vita template. By default, a CV displays all sections that have been created by the institution, and the activities within each section. Additional Vita templates can be configured for multiple unit levels and can be built hierarchically, beginning with the highest institutional level and then for subunits (colleges, departments, and more). This article explains how to construct a Vita using Legacy Vitas.


Biosketches are similar to vitas. However, some sections are required to be included in a biosketch and cannot be changed, as this could make the biosketch out of compliance with the granting agency's guidelines. Within a section, faculty members can select which items to display in the selected biosketch. In addition, date ranges for biosketches are typically locked to comply with the granting agency's guidelines.


Legacy Vitas Options 

General Information Option Details

Check out this article Overview of Vita Output Options for more information on the options available in this dropdown.

Display Link to Attachments This dropdown specifies if links to attachments should be visible or hidden.
Show Empty Sections Specify if sections that do not contain any data should be displayed on Vita.
Hide Vita Name Specify if the vita name should be displayed on the CV output.
Hide Activities Set to “No” in "Publicly Displayed" If using Faculty Web Profiles, setting Publicly Displayed to Yes means it will show up on their publicy facing Faculty Web Profile.
Allow automatic display of new activities on Vita Specify if new activities will automatically display on Vita.
Show Photo on Vita Specify if the photo will be displayed on the Vita. To select a photo, click Profile on the Faculty menu, then click Personal Information.

Configure/Manage Legacy Vitas

  1. Click Legacy Vitas under the Vitas & Biosketches section of the navigation.
    Vitas & Biosketches section with Legacy Vitas selected
  2. Select the desired tab below for further steps.
Action Next Steps
  1. Click the Add button.
  2. Type the Name to be assigned to the Vita.
  3. Select which Template will be used from the dropdown.
  4. Include a description of the Vita if desired.
  5. Click Save when finished.
  1. Click the Edit (pencil) icon adjacent to the Vita to be edited.
  2. Make desired changes to the General Information section and the Content section.
    • Click the blue double arrow icons to expand the sections.
  3. Click Save when finished.

Click the Delete ("X") icon adjacent to the desired Vita to delete it.


Click the Clone icon adjacent to the desired Vita to duplicate it.

  1. Click the View (eye) icon adjacent to the desired Vita.
  2. Click the Export/Share button and select Word Document, PDF, My Interfolio Dossier, or Web Link based on the desired action.
  1. Click the View (eye) icon adjacent to the desired Vita.
  2. Click Print to print the Vita.  
Export personal Dossier

This content is only for users AND institutions that have Dossier Institution.


Faculty users in FAR that have a Dossier institution account will be able to export their CV directly to their personal Dossier for personal record-keeping purposes and future storage.

  1. Click the Export/Share button.
  2. Select My Interfolio Dossier. The document will be sent to the personal Dossier as a PDF.
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