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Using Your Personal Dossier to Prepare for Reviews

Dossier is a platform that can help you prepare for every phase of your academic career. Interfolio's Dossier offers tools to help scholars apply to academic opportunities, and all the documents that you collect or add to your Dossier remain there for you to use in future job searches and reviews. So, once you are hired and working within an institution, you can use Dossier to prepare for your performance and promotion reviews.

Interfolio has also partnered with many institutions to provide access to Dossier and other Interfolio products to all students and staff. We call this service Dossier Institution.

As long as you are you are at a partner institution you will have access to advanced features such as sharing documents with colleagues at your institution and viewing guidelines for upcoming reviews or open positions.

Important: If your access to Dossier is through an institution that has a Dossier Institution subscription, and you leave one of our partner institutions: all of your collected documents, requested letters and career materials will remain in your account and will still be available to you. There is no need to create a new Dossier account, but you should make sure you have a personal email address (as opposed to an institutional email) linked to the account. This will ensure you can maintain access to your account and can still login into your personal Dossier.  

Of course, you will need tro upgrade to an active Dossier Deliver subscription to access advanced functions such as sending deliveries and sharing documents with colleagues.

Any user (even users who have access to Dossier through their institution) can upgrade to Dossier Deliver which allows you to send career materials anywhere you need them to go, and to solicit feedback on materials and collections of materials from anyone, both inside and outside of your institution.  For more information on the benefits of Dossier Deliver see this article: What is Dossier Deliver, and Why Should I Upgrade?

Note: If your institution is using Interfolio's Review, Promotion, and Tenure but does not subscribe to Dossier Institution, everything for your review can still be collected, stored, and managed in your personal Dossier. You can then easily transfer the materials you've assembled in your Dossier over to the official packet for your review.

With a free Dossier account you can request and store confidential letters of recommendation and upload and manage the materials you will need throughout your academic career. Your Dossier account never expires, and your uploaded materials will always be available to you at any time.

If your institution subscribes to Dossier Institution and uses our "Guidelines" feature, you will be able to view guidelines for future reviews or open positions at your institution and share materials with other users at your institution to collect feedback.

As a review candidate at an institution who is using Interfolio's Review, Promotion & Tenure your Dossier can help you organize materials being used in your review packet. Your free account through our partner institution allows you to:

Note: If your Dossier is linked to your institutional account, after logging in to the program, you may need to click your name at the top right of the screen and click "Interfolio Dossier" to switch to your personal Dossier account as shown below.

1. To use your personal Dossier to prepare for reviews, click "Materials" on your navigation bar within your Dossier account

2. Add files such as your C.V. or cover letters to your Dossier materials

You can upload files from your computer, link to YouTube and Vimeo videos, or include links to webpages in your Dossier materials.

See here for more information on adding materials to your Dossier.

3. Request confidential letters of recommendation from directly within Dossier

We will send a request for a confidential recommendation to your letter writer. When your letters come in, they will be stored with your Dossier materials, and you can send them where they need to go, all while maintaining complete confidentiality.

Simply click "Request Recommendation" in the upper right corner of your "My Materials" page, and you will be walked through the process. See here for more information on requesting letters of recommendation using your Interfolio account.

4. Manage your letter requests

Click "Letters" in the left navigation menu to open the "Letters" section of your account

Here you can view details about your requested letters, check the status of your request, and re-send requests. You can also view letters you have been asked to write by other Interfolio users.

See here for more on how to build and manage your Dossier.

See here for more on the quality check process.

5. Create collections of your materials to organize or make them easier to find

Once you have assembled your materials, you can create collections of related materials to organize your Dossier. You can use collections to gather materials for any specific purpose, such as a collection of materials for a job application, or collections to be used for particular types of positions such as fellowships etc.

See here for more information on adding collections.

6. Share materials via your Dossier with Interfolio's Feedback and Sharing feature

This premium feature is only available to users with Dossier Deliver accounts or users with Dossier Institution accounts.

Click on the link below for instructions on how to share and receive feedback on your Dossier materials:

Help for Sharing and Receiving Feedback on Dossier Materials