Dossier Glossary of Terms

Common Terms

Dossier – Interfolio Dossier is a free online platform for scholars to collect and curate scholarly materials, request and receive confidential letters of recommendation, and prepare for upcoming evaluations.

Dossier Deliver – Dossier Deliver is a premium service that allows you to send up to 50 academic deliveries for a flat annual fee of $48. Gather your best materials, including confidential letters, then send via email, web, or mail to academic jobs, post-docs, fellowships, and more.

Delivery – An individual shipment in Dossier Deliver.  

Delivery Credit – One credit is equal to one delivery. With your subscription, you get 50 delivery credits. 1 delivery = 1 credit, regardless of the number of documents included in that delivery.

Interfolio-hosted positions –  Faculty jobs and other opportunities hosted through Interfolio.

Collections –  To help you organize the materials you store in Dossier, you can gather materials into themed collections, or assemble together materials for any purpose, such as materials uploaded for a particular job or grant opportunity.

Sharing and Feedback - Only available to users who have a Dossier Deliver and/or a Dossier Institution account. Users can share their documents to receive feedback from their trusted reviewers.

Interfolio Account Menu - The menu in the top right corner that has your name, within you can access the help content, switch to your institution (if you're a Dossier Institution user), and also access your Interfolio account settings and profile menu. 

Quality Check - The quality check process will inform recipients if their letters have letterhead, signature, and ensuring it is openable. Users will not be informed of the letter's contents or writings.

Document and Requested Letter Statuses

Requested – Your letter writer has been sent a request for a recommendation, and we are waiting for them to accept or deny the request.

Accepted – Your request for a recommendation has been accepted by your requester, but we have not yet received the document.

Declined – The letter writer has declined your request for a recommendation.

Converting – Your document has been uploaded to your account, but is still going through the conversion process and has not been fully uploaded yet.

Error –   Your document has not been successfully uploaded to your account because of a possible problem with the file. Check to make sure your document is saved in one of our Accepted File Types, or contact support at

Pending – Your letter has not yet been uploaded to your account, either because your request was sent, but we have not yet received a response, -or- your request has been sent and accepted, but your requested letter has not yet been received and uploaded to your account.

Completed – Your document has been received and stored in your account – it’s ready to go! 

Official Letterhead - a printed heading on stationery stating a person's or organization's name and address.

Signature - a person's name written in a distinctive way as a form of identification in authorizing a check or document or concluding a letter.

Digital Signature - A digital signature is a mathematical scheme for demonstrating the authenticity of digital messages or documents.

Handwritten Signature - A handwritten signature someone's name, a proof of identity and intent.

Delivery Statuses

In Progress – Deliveries you have started, but not yet submitted for final delivery.

Incomplete – Applications to Interfolio-hosted positions that have been started, but not yet completed. If an "edit" option is present (to the right of the list on the "Deliveries" page), you can continue adding required materials and making changes to your application.

Complete with Pending Letters – Your application to an Interfolio-hosted position has been completed and we are waiting to receive your requested letter(s) of recommendation.

Preparing to Send – Delivery is waiting for processing; in queue to be processed by our fulfillment team.

Sent – Your delivery passed our fulfillment team’s quality checks and has been sent to the receiving institution.

Cancelled Your delivery was cancelled, and will not count towards your 50 annual deliveries. We will add that dollar value back into your account as a credit. Any cancelled delivery will be credited back.

Withdrawn – Your application to an Interfolio-hosted position was cancelled, but you can reactivate your application up until the deadline for applications has passed.

Delivery Types

Email – Send your materials to an email address that is authorized to receive application materials for a specific position or search.

Mail – Interfolio offers a variety of paper mailing options to meet your needs including USPS First Class, Priority, and International, and FedEx 2-day, Overnight, and Express International.

Confidential Letter Upload – Deliveries to online application systems. This delivery type (available in Dossier Deliver) allows an applicant to upload a confidential letter to an online application platform.

Interfolio-hosted Position – The receiving institution is using Interfolio to manage their search. All deliveries to Interfolio-hosted positions are free for Dossier users and do not count towards your 50 annual deliveries.

Dossier Institution

Guidelines – If your school uses the institutional guidelines feature in Dossier Institution, each individual Dossier user at your school can view your institutional guidelines for a particular Interfolio academic review process from within the Collections section of their Dossier.