How to: Link to Webpages in Your Dossier

Follow the instructions below to include a link to a webpage as part of your Dossier.

Access your Dossier by clicking "Materials" by clicking on the navigation bar

Click "Add Files"

Open the "Webpage" tab of the "Add File" window

Give your webpage a title

Indicate what type of material you are adding

The default is "Link," but you can click the dropdown menu and desgnate your webpage as another type of material, such as a personal statement or an essay.

Enter the URL of the webpage

Make sure you include the prefix, such as http://

Enter a description to provide information or context for your webpage

Click the title to preview your webpage

You can edit the title and description of the video from the preview window

Note that clicking the link will open the webpage in a new broswer tab. This is true when you preview the link, and is also how the link will work for the person reviewing your materials.