Approval Templates and Position Approval

About Approval Templates

Institutional Administrators can set up approval templates that are used to establish workflows for approving new positions. Approval templates are set up for positions of a particular position type created by a unit, and are automatically applied to positions of that type created by the unit and units below it.

Approval templates are made up of a series of steps, and indicate one or more administrators at each step who must review and approve positions. Institutional administrators can also assign titles to administrators in specific units, and administrators with the given title can approve positions within their unit and below.

All positions of the given position type, created at or below the designated unit, must go through these approval steps before the postion can be published and start accepting applications.

After reviewing the position, an approver can either send it forward to the next step, or reject the position and send it back to a previous step with instructions on the changes necessary to have the position approved.


Approval templates are unit specific, and are applied to all positions of a given type created at or below the given unit. For instance, if an approval template for "Faculty" position types exists at the College of Arts, then an approval template cannot be created by a lower unit, such as a department within the College of Arts.

Creating Approval Templates

Institutional Administrators create and manage templates from the "Templates" page, accessed from the left hand navigation menu in Faculty Search.

Templates in use for particular position types are listed across the bottom of the screen.

To add a template, click "Add Template" at the top right of the Approval Templates screen

Select the position type that will use the template

On the "New Template" screen, click in the "Position Type" field and select from the dropdown list of available position types.

See here if you need more information on setting up position types.

Search for or select the unit where the template will be applied, and click "Save"

The selected unit will use the workflow process you are creating to approve positions of the type you selected.

Warning: If there is a template at a higher unit that is already used for the given position type, you will see an error message as shown below.

For instance, in the example below, the template for the position type "Part Time Faculty" cannot be created for the Division of Literature and Languages unit, because a template for that position type already exists at the higher unit of the College of Arts and Sciences.

Click "Add Step" to begin adding Position Approval Steps

Next, you will create a series of position approval steps to indicate who will approve the position at each step in the process.

If approval steps have been created for a unit, then a position within that unit must be approved by an indicated user in each step before the position can be published.

Give the step a name, and instructions for approving the position at this step  

Assign administrators to approve the position at this step

This may be one or more administrators, or may be an administrator based on unit and title.

Administrators can approve positions within their unit and below. You can assign one or more administrators to each step.

The administrators you select will receive an email and action item to approve the position.

Select or search for the administrator and click "Add User" to assign them to approve the step.

You can assign as many administrators as necessary to approve the step.

-OR- assign administrators to approve the position based on unit and title  

Select the title from the dropdown list.

Administrators with the title you select will automatically be assigned to approve positions for the unit in which the position is created.

Again, multiple administrators can be assigned if one or more have the same title in the same unit

Review the list of approvers and click "Add Approver" if you want to add additional approvers for each unit, or the highest unit.

Add Title: When adding an approver, you will select an administrator to fill the title you have assigned to approve the position.

You may see a list of units without approvers, in which case you will need to select one or more approvers for each unit, or the highest unit

Keep adding steps until you have a complete workflow for approving a position type at a given unit or the units below it

Viewing the list of approval templates, and adding, editing or deleting templates

To view the list of templates created for particular position types, click the card for that position type at the bottom of the Approval Templates page.

This will display the templates in use for that position type.

From here you can add, edit or delete templates.

 About Position Approval

Submitting positions for approval

Once you've created a template for a position type in a particular unit, users responsible for creating positions in that unit will need to submit the positions they create for approval.

When creating a position, a user must select the position type and unit, and indicate if the position is a new position or or a clone of an existing position.

When they finish creating the position, the position creator will be notified that the position must be approved before posting, and must submit the position for approval.