Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure allows users to build reports around activities like packet movement (what committees have seen a candidate’s packet and who sent it for review?), messages (what communication has been sent to committees, candidates, and evaluators, when, and by whom?), and cases (what are all the committees or candidates that have participated in Review Promotion & Tenure cases this year?).

The reports section of Interfolio RPT is divided into three categories: “Case Info,” “Forms,” and "Voting Results."  A “Case Info” report generates a report on all the information gathered at individual  case levels; for instance, let’s say you want to run a report that lists all the cases at your institution by name and the stage of review. A “Case Info” report will easily generate this report for you. Based on the custom forms you have created (questionnaires that are customizable at a departmental, college, or institutional level), you can also run a “Forms” report based on the answers to the questions you created.

In addition, Administrators can run a "Voting Results" report that lists the results for all committees voting on a particular case in a particular administrative unit such as a university, school or department.

Finally, all case activities are recorded in a case activity log for your review.

Whatever information you need, our reporting feature allows you to have analytical data and oversight about the review processes occurring at your institution.