Scholarly Activities Report

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The Scholarly Activities Report provides reporting on the Scholarly Activities section, such as publications and creative productions.

The Scholarly Activities Report can be run to provide answers to such questions as:

  • How many entries exist (by College) for each Scholarly Activity sub-type for Spring 2016?
  • How many Journal Articles (in Completed/Published or Accepted status) does a particular faculty member have for Spring 2015 to Spring 2016?
  • How many Scholarly Activities (in Completed/Published or Accepted status) have an Activity Classification specified as Contributes to Engagement for Spring 2016?

Sample Report

Report access is based upon a user's permissions. For example, a provost might have permissions to access all reports at the university level and below, while deans might only have access to reports for their colleges.

  1. To access the report, click the Admin section, then click Reports. The Reports screen displays.
  2. Select Scholarly Activities (under Activity Reports).
  • Activity: Select the Activity for the report. Note: Select All to include all activities.
  • ByTerm or By Category: Select the grouping option (either term or category).
  • Status: Select the Status options to include in the report. More than one status may be selected. To modify the status selections, click the Change button.
  • Begin and End: Select the academic terms for the data to be reported.
  • Display Mode: Select the appropriate option regarding the data display (i.e. Count Only, Rows - %Total of Rows, Columns - %Total of Columns, %Total of Grand Total).
  1. Click the Select Faculty button to use the faculty selection tool to select faculty to include in the report.
  1. To filter on an activity classification, select the Activity Classification from the drop down.

    Select the criteria for the activity classification.
  2. Click Apply.

Adding Additional Activity Classifications

  1. To clear an Activity Classification, click the next to the filter.
  2. Click Build Report. The report loads.
  3. Click on any hyperlinks that are available to see a different view of the data.
  • For example, click on the Journal Article hyperlink for the College of Business to view the totals by a faculty member in the College of Business.

The totals for each faculty member display.

  1. To view the report using a different scholarly activity, select the scholarly sub-type from the Columns drop down and select any additional criteria, as needed. Then click the Refresh Report button.

Sorting by Columns


To sort the data in the report by a particular column, click the column heading.

Drilling Down into the Data

The totals for each faculty member display.

  1. To drill down further and view the details for a specific faculty member, click the number hyperlink associated with the faculty member.

The details display for the faculty member.

Group Report Results by Faculty

For those sections that can have more than one record per faculty member (i.e. Journal Article, Book, Chapter, etc.), the report can be grouped by faculty.

To view the report grouped by faculty:

  1. Select By Term or "By Category' from the Table Format drop down.
  2. Then, click Refresh Report to view the updated report.

Adding a Column to the Report

  1. To add a column to the report, clickView.
  1. A list of additional columns display. Select the columns to be displayed in the report and click the Update button.

    The report refreshes to display new columns

Exporting the Report to a File

The Actions button at the top of the page can be used to print, export to Word, export to Excel, and export to PDF.

Note: Sorting the data applies only to the display the sort will not be reflected in the export options. If a different sort order is desired, the data should be exported to Excel, where the sort order can then be modified.

To add the report as a Quicklink:

  • Select Quicklinks>Add This Page as a Quicklink (from the menu bar at the top of the page).