Bulk Data: Back Up Data

The content in this knowledge base is based upon the standard FACULTY180 environment. Your institution may have made changes to configure the FACULTY180 environment to meet your institution's needs; therefore, the screens in your FACULTY180 environment may differ slightly from the knowledge base. For more information, please contact your FACULTY180 administrator.

Data in FACULTY180 can be backed up by exporting it in bulk to a location that you choose. You can select which data should be backed up based on the unit, the type of data (including profile and activity information), and academic term.

Backing Up Data

  1. On the Admin menu, click Administration.
  1. Click Back Up Data in the Bulk Data section. The Back Up Data screen displays.
  1. Select the unit containing the data to be backed up.
  2. In the Data Included section, select the type of data to be backed up.
  3. Select the academic terms for the data to be backed up.
  4. Select the appropriate file format options for the data being backed up.
  5. Click Export. Select the location to store the backup files. Note that the backed up files are contained in a ZIP file.