Grants Report

This Faculty180 tool is only available to users with sufficient privileges. If you do not have access to the grants report and believe you should have access to the tool, please contact your unit/institutional administrator.

This report is dependent upon your institution using the default Grants section.

The grants report in Faculty180 pulls grants and funding data from faculty members' activity input form and allows users to quickly set their criteria and export reports it in easily dispensable formats.

On the left hand navigation, select Administration > Reports.

Select the Grants Report in the Activity Reports section.

Select the relevant fields in the General Section

  1. Funding Type: This field allows you to narrow the faculty by the available Funding Types
  2. Grant Status: Select the relevant grant statuses that you want to include in this report
  3. Grant Currency: Select the relevant currency
  4. Begin and End: Choose the date range for the grant information that you want to pull.
  5. Display Mode: Allows you to display results in the following ways.
    • Count: Number of grants
    • Total: Total funding amount
    • Direct: Total direct funding amount
    • indirect: Total indirect funding amount
    • Direct %: Percentage of direct funding
    • Indirect %: Percentage of indirect funding

Select the relevant fields in the Faculty Field

For more information on the Faculty Select tool, view this article.

Add any activity classifications to filter by, if desired

When finished, select build report.

After building a report you can dive into the data by year or unit.

In this example, the grants report is being displayed as a count. We can see that the University had a total of 6 grants in 2012, specifically from the College of Business.

Click the blue arrow to expand the unit to show all relevant faculty members

Selecting a faculty member's name will launch a vita of their information.