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Report on Faculty Activity, Administration, and Accreditation

Various activity, administrative, and accreditation reports can be generated within Faculty Activity Reporting (FAR, Faculty180) for information purposes, based upon a user's permissions. For example, a provost might have permission to access all reports at the university level and below, while deans might only have access to reports for their colleges. Once a report has been generated, it can be exported to Microsoft Word/Excel format or Adobe PDF. Reports can also be printed on a standard printer.


There are two basic components to running reports. Selecting the faculty and selecting the data to include in the report. Additional options may be available, depending on the type of data in the report.


Check out this article on how to Request LCME Accreditation Reporting for more information.


Run Activity Input Report

1. Navigate to Activity Input Report under Reports

Navigation: Administration > Reports > Activity Input Report

  1. Navigate to Reports under the Administration section of the navigation menu.
    Administration section with Reports highlighted
  2. Click Activity Input Report under the Activity Input section.
    Activity Reports section with Activity Input Report underlined

2. Fill out information

  1. Fill out each section of the Activity Input report. 
  2. Click Build Report when finished. 
    • Click the Quicklinks button to add a Quicklinks link to this report screen for easy access. 
      Quicklinks button with Add This Page as a Quicklink and Manage Quicklinks displayed
  3. Click the Actions button to select the Print, Export, or Graphing option to use in the report.
    Quicklinks button with Print Page, Export to Word, Export to Excel, Export to PDF, and Graph page below

3. Print, Export, Graph

There are several options to output the data. Click the Actions button at the top of the page to select the Print, Export, or Graphing option to use in the report.

Quicklinks button with Print Page, Export to Word, Export to Excel, Export to PDF, and Graph page below

Note that if the report has been sorted, the sort applies only to the display. The sort will not be reflected in the export options. If a different sort order is desired, the data should be exported to Excel, where the sort order can then be modified.


Source Data

1. Run Activity Input Report

Follow steps 1 and 2 above to run an activity input report.


2. Navigate to the desired faculty activity

  1. After clicking the Build Report button, scroll down and click on the numeric totals under Spring 2019 and adjacent to the desired activity. This will display the data by faculty.
    Build Report Landing Page
  2. Click again on the numeric totals under Spring 2019 and adjacent to the desired faculty member. This will display the source data by faculty.
    Build Report Landing Page

3. Add activity classifications

  1. Click the [View] button under the General section to add activity classifications to the report and then select the classifications to add. The report will update automatically with the added classification as a column.
    General section with the View button next to Additional Columns
  2. Click the Edit (pencil) icon to edit the data

To sort the data in the report by a particular column, click the column heading. The report is sorted by the selected column.


Types of Reports

Report Details
Activity Reports
  • Profile Report: Personal information, work experience, degrees, licenses, memberships, honors, interests, biographies, and more.
  • Activity Input Report: Teaching (e.g. enrollment, credit hours), grants, service, professional development, consulting, and more.
  • Scholarly Activities: Research, publications, and creative productions.
  • Grants: Grant activities and funding data.
  • Courses Taught: Enrollment, credit hours, teaching load, and course sections.
  • Activities By Activity Classification: Activities grouped by classifications.
Administrative Reports
  • Ad Hoc Reports: Report building by selecting data to represent each column: faculty information, faculty classifications, activity input counts, and profile activity counts.
  • Activity Overview - By Faculty: Activities by units and faculty members within those units.
  • Activity Overview - By your institution's academic term: Activities by units and the academic terms within those units.
  • Faculty Classifications: Faculty members are organized by classification rank, tenure status, and other faculty classification.
  • Scholarly Citations: Publications and creative productions by faculty members within units.
  • Grant Citations: Grant activities and funding data by faculty members within units.
  • Standard Vitae: Vitas for selected faculty members.
  • Course Attachments: Courses based on types and status of supporting documentation (such as syllabus, course evaluations, peer evaluations, and more).
  • Prior Activity Input Forms: Submitted activity input forms.
  • Evaluations: Status and results of faculty performance reviews.
AACSB – 2020 (Business)
  • Table 3-1 Summary Related to Standards for each Discipline
  • Table 3-2 Deployment of Faculty by Qualification Status in Support of Degree Programs
  • Table 8-1  Intellectual Contributions
LCME (Medicine) Table 4.2-1 - pulls information about your Medical faculty's scholarly productivity including articles in peer-reviewed journals, published books/book chapters, faculty co-investigators or primary investigators on extramural grants as well as other forms of peer-reviewed scholarship as defined by your institution.
Regional Accreditation
  • Faculty Allocation: Academic units and enrollments taught by faculty members with doctorates and terminal masters
  • Faculty Roster: Faculty members' courses taught and their credentials (degrees and experience)used for SACS accreditation
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