Run a Positions Report in Faculty Search

Committee Managers and Administrators can use the positions report feature in the "Reports" section of Interfolio Faculty Search to generate report data on searches in ByCommittee.

About Positions Reports

Positions Reports are created by applying a customizable set of filters to sort positions.

As you apply filters...

...the positions meeting the criteria are displayed.

You can even customize what columns of information will display.

Select the "Positions Report" tab

Select the "Positions Report" tab
Select filters

Select unit(s) on which to report

Select a unit (or all units) for which to gather data

Select Position Statuses

Select a unit (or all units) for which to gather data

Select a date range for open and close dates

Select a position type (faculty or fellowship)

Choose to filter by open positions

Save reports

Click to save the filters and columns you have set

Give your report a name so you can recall it later

You can recall your saved reports by clicking "Saved Reports"

Customize the displayed columns

You can set the columns that will display in your report by deselecting the defaults and/or adding new columns to display.

Download your report