Creating and Defining Ranks

You can define ranks in Lifecycle Management to represent the standard faculty ranks possible at your institution, including workload, rank type, and maximum/minimum salaries permitted for that rank.

Specifically, the rank feature enables the institution to configure Interfolio's Lifecycle Management module in a way that matches exactly the formal professional designations used at your institution.

Once you have established a series in Lifecycle Management, you will need to define the ranks within that series as described below.

Click "Add Rank" to add a rank to a series

Find the series you created on the Faculty Series page, and click Add Rank.

This will open the Create Rank page

Here you will set the rank type, rank name, qualifications and salary, and set a workload model for the rank.

Select the rank type

Choose the rank type from the drop down list. This is a required field.

See here for more information on the "default" list of rank types and explanation of rank names.

Enter the rank name

Enter qualifications

We provide a rich text editor with basic formatting tools and the ability to link out to other documentation.

Enter a minimum and maximum salary

Select a Workload Model from the drop down list

The Workload Description will populate based on your selection

Click "Save" at the bottom of the page to finish creating the rank

Repeat the above steps until all ranks have been added to the series