Add Exception Event for Faculty

It is likely that at some point, individual faculty members may have circumstances that require exceptions to be made in their journey.  It is easy to create exceptions in Lifecycle Management that will apply only to a given user, but will not effect other faculty members of the same rank and/or on the same professional journey.

When someone is added to the program, they are scheduled to go through the ranks and events that are part of their appointment at a particular rank and year. Events can be added or deleted for an individual, and these changes will not effect other users. The most common example would be changes in the timeline of events because of leave, or when users are hired or appointed outside of rank.

Click the faculty member's name to open their profile

Exceptions can be created and managed from the profile of an individual faculty member.

Faculty List

Click to open the "Timeline Options" of the professional journey you wish to edit

On the faculty member's profile, scroll to the journey you wish to edit and click to open the Timeline Options.

Faculty Profile

Select Add Exception Event from the dropdown

Click the Timeline Options button and select Add Exception Event.

Select Add Exception Event

Add exception event

On the Add Exception Event page you will need to fill out the form with details about the exception event. You can also preview impacted events, add additional information and attach files to support or provide a record of the event.

Fill out Add Exception Event form

Fill out the "Add Exception Event" form

  1. Select the Rank from the dropdown list.
  2. Enter the Event Name
  3. The leave Type will already indicate Exception
  4. Select Start Date and End Date for the event
  5. Enter a Reason for the event
 Add Exception Event

The information below cannot be edited. if you need to make further changes after creating the exception event, you will need to create a new event or edit events individually.  

  1. Indicate if you want to change the timeline (yes or no)
  2. If the answer above is Yes, you will need to indicate how the timeline will change.
    • Select an option to Extend Timeline or Accelerate Timeline from the dropdown list.
    • Set the Duration of the exception by indicating how many months or years it will last.
Change the Event Timeline

Preview impacted events

Click Preview Impacted Events to open a list with all events that will be impacted by the exception. To the right of the page you will see a list of the events, with Current Dates and New Dates.

Preview impacted events

Enter additional information

You have the option to enter additional information about the event and attach files that support or provide a record of the event.

Lifecycle Management - Interfolio

Click "Save"

You must click Save to confirm and make your changes.

Lifecycle Management - Interfolio