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Create Cases in Bulk for Multiple Candidates at Once

Using a simple setup wizard, Unit Administrators and Case Managers can create cases for multiple candidates at once, all of the same type, and all using the same template. During the setup process it is possible to:

  • Declare, for all the cases being created, whether or not the candidate will submit a packet.
  • Set due dates that will be shared by all the cases created.
  • Select any number of candidates from the list of all existing Interfolio RPT users at that institution

Create Cases in Bulk

1. Navigate to Create multiple cases under Cases 

Navigation: Cases > Create Case Dropdown > Create Multiple Cases

  1. Click Cases under Review, Promotion & Tenure (RPT) on the navigation menu.
     Review, Promotion & Tenure section with Cases highlighted
  2. Click the down arrow next to the Create Case button in the upper right hand corner of the case list.
    Create Case dropdown with Create Multiple Cases available to select.
  3. Select Create multiple cases from the dropdown menu.

2. Fill out Case Setup page.

  1. Select or search for the unit from the dropdown desired for the case created to fall under.
  2. Select the type of case being created from the dropdown.

    When setting up multiple cases, all cases must be of the same type. For instance, multiple promotion cases, or multiple tenure cases can all be created at once

  3. Click the Select button adjacent to the desired template to be used for the case being created.
    • Click Preview to view the specifics of each template in the list.

      Please make sure the template chosen has the correct information, because no changes can be made to the template during this process.

  4. Click Continue when ready.

3. Fill out Select Candidates page

  1. Indicate if the candidate will submit their packet.

    Choose Yes if the candidate will need to be involved at any point in the process. This setting can not be changed after the case has been created.

  2. Click Add Candidates to select the candidates for whom the cases being created are for.
    • Candidates can be searched for by name, email, or unit.
  3. Click Add to create a case for them.

    Only candidates from users who have previously been added to Interfolio can be selected, such as evaluators.

  4. Click Continue when finished. 

4. Review Summary & Confirmation page

  1. Review and confirm the information, associated forms and requirements for the cases being created.
  2. Set Packet Due Dates for the submission of candidate requirements and committee work.
  3. Review the candidate requirements. 

    If there is a section that will pull in a vita from FAR, check out this article on how to Add a Built-in FAR Vita Section to a Case for more information.

  4. Confirm list of Candidates who will have cases created for them
  5. Select whether or not to notify candidates.

    If choosing not to notify candidates, a message can still be sent to candidates with the notification.

  6. Click Create # Cases when finished.