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Use Collections from Dossier to Satisfy Packet Requirements for your review.

This article explains how to use the materials from a collection in the official packet for review. This is particularly useful when creating a collection based on guidelines for an upcoming review that is ready for the materials to be transferred from the collection to the official review packet.


Note that only the type of document and number of documents that will satisfy the requirement can be selected. The program will not allow more documents to be added than required or the wrong document type to be added.


Use Collections to Satisfy Requirements

1. Navigate to Edit under Your Packets

Navigation: Your Packets > Packet Name > Edit

  1. Click Your Packets from the navigation bar.
    Your Packets selected under the Home button

    If this is not showing up in the navigation bar, it may be because this is the Dossier page. Switch accounts using the account menu at the top right of the page.

  2. Click the Name of the desired packet.

2. Upload documents from Collections

  1. Select the Packet tab.
    Packet tab selected
  2. Click the down arrow adjacent to the desired section.
  3. Click Add to add files.
  4. Select the Collections tab and select the desired collection created according to the guidelines.Collections tab selected with search dropdown available
  5. Select the material to add from the dropdown.
  6. Repeat this process as many times as needed.

Files can be added from previous packets.

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