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Assign or Change an Application Status

Committee Managers or Administrators can assign or change an application status in Interfolio Faculty Search (FS) from the Applications page or the Applicant Profile page.


Change an Application Status from the Applicant List Page

  1. Click Positions under Faculty Search on the navigation bar.
    Positions selected under Faculty Search
  1. Search for positions using the search box at the top of the page to open the applicant list.
  2. Select the checkboxes adjacent to the desired applicants to change the status.
  3. Select the desired Status from the Status button dropdown that appears at the top.
    list of statuses below Status

    Statuses can also be removed from here.

  4. Select the checkbox at the bottom of the Change Status window to Send a message to all applicants with this change
    1. Enter the From name, Reply to email address, Subject, and Body, or click Insert Message Template to automatically fill in the information from a previous message template in the account.
  5. Click Confirm when finished.

Change an Application Status from the Applicant Profile Page

  1. From the applicant list, select the Name of the desired applicant to view their profile.
  2. Select the change button near the current status at the top of the page to update the Application's status.
    Change button below the status section
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