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Record the Results of a Committee Vote

The committee voting feature is a way for Administrators, Committee Managers, and Case Managers to record the results of a committee vote. Votes are recorded from the Case page of a candidate. This article explains how Administrators and Committee Managers can record the results of a committee vote.

Note: Committee Members can view the results of their committee's vote, but they do not cast votes in the program.

Rather, they are polled and the results of that vote are entered by a Committee Manager or Administrator. Committee Members will see no option for voting on their view of a candidate's case page. Also, while more than one committee can access a case at a given case review step, committee voting is always distinct for each committee.


the voting feature will only appear within a case if voting options have been created within the Administration section.

Navigate to the case you want to edit by clicking on the name of the candidate in the list of cases

Open the "Case Details" tab on the case page

Select "Add New Votes"

Record the committee votes in the table, add any notes on the voting or committee decision

Click "Save" to actually record the vote.


Note: If a voting option is deleted or edited and changed, you cannot edit that voting option on existing committee voting ballots where it was added before it was deleted. This means you cannot add or subtract that option for the existing vote with the plus or minus buttons as shown below, because the voting option does not exist anymore. In these cases, you will receive an error message and the change will not be recorded (the data will remain unaltered).

Results of the committee vote are displayed in a circular graph

Note: Committee Members can see the results of a committee vote, but voting information can only be entered or edited by Committee Managers or Administrators in the program.

Click "Edit Results" at the bottom left to update the vote or edit the number of votes for a particular decision