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Assign or Change a Position Status

Administrators and Committee Managers can change the status of a position in Faculty Search (FS) from the Applications or Review Position page. Position statuses such as Accepting Applications or Under Review indicate the current state of a position in the search process and can be used to set permissions for committee members and applicants.

Permissions assigned to position statuses include:

  • If applicants can view the position status
  • If applicants can edit their materials after submission
  • If evaluators can review applications

Position statuses must first be created on the Administration page. Once created, they can be assigned to a position by an administration or committee manager.


The position status never impacts the applicant's ability to apply. It only impacts what they can do after they have applied. To prevent future applicants from applying you will have to close the position.


Change Position Status

  1. Click Positions under Faculty Search on the navigation bar.
    Positions selected under Faculty Search
  2. Click the hyperlinked Name of the desired position to edit.
  3. Select the new status name from the Change dropdown under the Status section at the top of the page.
     options available below change button

    When a new position status is selected, you will see the associated permissions with that status. To change these permissions you will have to edit the desired status on the Administration page.

  4. Select the checkbox at the bottom of the Change Status window to Send a message to all applicants with this change. Enter the From name, Reply to email address, Subject, and Body, or click Insert Message Template to automatically fill in the information from a previous message template in the account.
  5. Click Confirm when finished.


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