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Submit a New Hire for Approval by Closing a Position

At the end of a search, Committee Managers and Administrators can close a position and indicate whether or not they have selected one or more applicants to fill the position. If an institution has established a workflow for approving selections, selections for approval will need to be submitted. Interfolio's selection approval workflows feature is a practical tool to ensure that all academic hires follow an institution's policies about how to hire new faculty members. The steps below describe the process of closing a position and submitting selected applicants for approval.


Submit New Hire for Approval

1. Navigate to Close Position under Positions

Navigation: Positions > Position Name > Position Actions > Close Position

  1. Click Positions from the navigation bar.
     Positions selected under Faculty Search
  2. Click the hyperlinked Name of the desired position to be closed.
  3. Select Close Position from the Position Actions dropdown menu in the top right corner.
    Close Position selected from the Position Actions dropdown

2. Add selected applicants

  1. Click Yes under Was an applicant selected?
    Closing Position section with Yes selected under Was an applicant selected
  2. Click the Add Applicant button under Select Applicant(s).

    Note that more that one applicant can be selected to fill the position.

  3. Click Add adjacent to the desired applicant(s) on the Add Selected Applicant window.
  4. Click Close when finished.

3. Send selection for approval

The approvers for the selected applicant will display.
Send Selection for Approval section below the selected applicant name. View all approval steps button below, Include a personal message checkbox near the bottom, Send button at the bottom 

  1. Click View all approval steps to view all the selection approval steps in the process.
  2. Click the checkbox adjacent to Include a personal message to the members receiving access to personalize the message sent to member on the next step of the approval process.
  3. Click Preview to preview the message sent to reviewers.
  4. Click Send when ready to submit the selection for approval.