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Submit New Hire for Approval: Close a Position

At the end of a search, committee managers and administrators can close a position and indicate whether or not they have selected one or more applicants to fill the position.

If your institution has established a workflow for approving selections, you will need to submit your selections for approval.

Our selection approval workflows feature is a practical tool to ensure that all academic hires follow an institution's policies about how to hire new faculty members.

The steps below describe the process of closing a position and submitting selected applicants for approval.

Navigate to the position you want to close

Click "Close Position" under the "Position Actions" menu at the top right of the screen

If one or more applicants was selected to fill the position, click "Add Applicant"

If you indicate a selection was made, you must select at least one applicant to continue.

A list of available applicants will appear in a window. Find the name of the applicant(s) you want to select, and click "Add"

You can sort the list of applicants by name, email, and status, You can also search the list by name or email address, and filter the list by status.

Click "Close Position" to send the submit the selected applicants for approval

This opens a page that lists the approver(s) for the selection

The approver(s) displayed will receive an email indicating that a selection has been made and is awaiting their approval.

You can personalize this email with a message to the approver.

Note that you can click a link to view all the selection approval steps in the process

Click "Send" when you are ready to submit the selection for approval